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I'm glad you came by to see me, I currently actively work in the world of Telemedicine at an academic medical center.  We provide block clinic, speciality care, and emergency medical services.  The list goes on and on.  The projects special to my heart, Itreat, ISOCOM, UVA Guatemala Initiative.  So enjoy, hope we can talk soon!


So I have been working in Telemedicine at The UVA Karen S Rheuban Center for Telehealth for the past six years.  I have been focused on enterprise infrastructure and application deployment.  Working on projects around emergency response for Stroke, Psych, and Infectious disease.  Helping stand up service lines across the continuum of care to proved services to underserved areas, help with follow up care through RMA, developed mobile platforms to provide services into areas limited bandwidth environments both in a rural mountain region of Virginia as well as other countries around the globe.  More to follow.
  • Training and Presentations 
    • Telemedicine Etiquette
    • Telemedicine 101
    • Telemedicine Advanced Technology
    • Technology Use case 
  • Photography
    Professional Art and Event Photography
  • Telemedicine Consulting and Program Design
    Technology planning and implementations from enterprise to small boutique deployments.  A focused approach to help identify types of technology and plan a systematic protocol driven service line.    


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